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Gordon Moore, Creator of Moore's Law, Dies at 92

  • Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and creator of Moore's Law, has passed away at the age of 92
  • Moore's Law predicted the doubling of transistors on a microchip every 18-24 months, leading to rapid technological growth
  • Moore co-founded Intel in 1968 and later founded the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which invested over $6bn in scientific research and environmental conservation
  • Comments on Hacker News reflect on Moore's legacy and impact on the technology industry, with some expressing condolences and others making sarcastic remarks
  • The discussion also touches on the decline of Intel and the sustainability of packing more density into chips without making them smaller
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AI Language Models: Caution & Potential for Productivity Boost

  • AI language models are being used for coding and creative writing, with some finding them helpful for productivity and generating ideas.
  • However, there are concerns regarding their reliability, biases, and privacy implications, and users are urged to exercise caution and critical thinking when using them.
  • There is a desire for self-hosted AI tools and transparent regulation to ensure privacy and ethical use.
  • ChatGPT is seen as a useful resource for quick access to information and creating plans and prototypes, but there are concerns about its accuracy and potential misuse for advertising and promoting certain ideas.
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US Insurers Deny Legitimate Claims to Save Millions in Healthcare

  • Leading US insurance companies are accused of wrongfully denying claims to save millions on healthcare costs, with some using computer algorithms to reject claims without reviewing patient records.
  • Patients often end up paying bills rather than fighting the appeals process.
  • Critics suggest that the automated approach highlights systemic issues prioritising profits over patient outcomes.
  • Some healthcare reform is called for, including a move towards a non-profit structure, stronger regulations, and increasing competition to improve conditions for both healthcare providers and patients.
  • Many individuals express frustration with the inconsistent and unpredictable nature of the US healthcare system, with some advocating for government-run healthcare as a potential solution.
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Scrape Websites with GPT using scrapeghost Library

  • scrapeghost is a library for scraping structured data from HTML using OpenAI's GPT.
  • Users must proceed with caution when using scrapeghost, as it is experimental, relies on the OpenAI API, and is licensed under Hippocratic License 3.0.
  • Steps to use scrapeghost include obtaining an OpenAI API key, installing the library, defining the data schema, and passing a URL to the scraper.
  • The library offers features such as Python-based schema definition, HTML cleaning, pre-filtering with CSS or XPath selectors, JSON and schema validation, and cost controls.
  • A CLI tool is also available for experimentation.
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Apple's Neural Engine: ML Acceleration for iOS Devices

  • Apple's Neural Engine is a specialized processor that accelerates machine learning models on most newer iPhones and iPads.
  • The ANE is great for making ML models run fast on iOS devices, but not every Core ML model can make full use of it.
  • Other companies are developing their own AI accelerator chips, and Google's TPU is a notable example.
  • The discussion around the efficiency of owning expensive hardware that sits idle most of the time is ongoing.
  • ANE is used for biometrics, image analysis, text to speech, and speech to text.
  • Some mention that using a local model for transcription on the device with ANE kills the battery.
  • Users discuss the neural engine on the new M1/M2 Max chip and suggest using CoreML as an abstraction for programming it.
  • There is frustration over the lack of detailed documentation provided by Apple about the neural engine, while others speculate on possible reasons for this.
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  • Cloudflare disables access to IPFS gateway due to copyright abuse complaints, despite IPFS's decentralized nature.
  • Policy resulted in 1,073 IPFS actions in Q1 2022, causing disappointment among some members of Discussion Service community.
  • Discontinuation of gateway sparks discussions on value of IPFS and need for alternatives to enable secure file sharing.
  • Cloudflare's blocking of Pirate Bay receives criticism for internet censorship and centralization, but some argue it's necessary for protection against cyber threats.
  • Comments on Discussion Service thread discuss Cloudflare's decision, with users expressing skepticism about motives and effectiveness of security suite.
  • Conversation veers into discussions on role of cryptography and blockchain technologies in IPFS and Filecoin, with some seeing potential use cases while others see them as overhyped marketing terms.
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YunoHost: Simple Self-Hosting for App Management

  • YunoHost simplifies server administration and self-hosting of apps with a clean web interface and setup guides for novice users.
  • Based on Debian GNU/Linux, it offers user-friendly web interface, user, domain, backup management, and secure systems like Fail2ban and yunohost-firewall.
  • YunoHost is appreciated for simplifying the process of self-hosting and app management and features SSO and easy addition of new services.
  • Users have praised its user management and community support, but some have raised concerns about security, as it is not containerized or sandboxed.
  • YunoHost offers a wider selection of packages, is free of cost, and is a community project that originated in the French ISP scene.
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US Department of Energy seeks new contractor for Fermilab particle physics laboratory

  • The US Department of Energy is looking for a new contractor to manage Fermilab, the only dedicated particle physics laboratory in the country.
  • The decision came after Fermilab failed an annual performance review and experienced cost increases and delays in a neutrino experiment.
  • The University of Chicago and the Universities Research Association have managed Fermilab since 2007.
  • The lab's flagship particle accelerator, the Tevatron, has been recommended to be shut down in favor of international projects by a scientific advisory panel.
  • Fermilab has faced challenges with funding and diversification, causing delays and cost overruns on multiple projects.
  • Critics argue that the US government is neglecting investment in scientific fields to focus on profitability.
  • Fermilab researchers recently announced the discovery of the long-sought Higgs boson.
  • Comments on an article reflect a mix of fascination and frustration with the lab, with some highlighting management issues and others discussing the value of disposing of old equipment.
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Utah introduces laws to regulate teen social media use

  • Utah becomes first US state to introduce laws regulating teen social media use
  • Two measures require social media firms to verify users as at least 18 and get parental consent for children to use their apps, as well as imposing a social media curfew and banning data collection on minors
  • Law prohibits social media companies from collecting/storing personal info of minors without explicit parental consent
  • Utah passes law requiring social media companies to restrict kids under 18 from creating accounts
  • Debate over government regulation of technology and media
  • Utah proposed bill would allow parents to access their children's social media accounts and monitor their online activity
  • Utah requires social media companies to ask for identification to prevent minors from accessing their platforms
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AI Replacing Human Creativity in Creative Industries

  • AI is replacing the jobs of 3D artists and other creative professionals, leading to concerns about the future of work and the role of automation in different industries.
  • While some argue that AI is simply another tool that can help workers produce better output, others worry that it is fundamentally changing the nature of many jobs and creating a McDonald's-ification of industries.
  • The use of generative AI in art and animation is upending the industry, but skilled creative directors with a deep understanding of different styles of art and framing angles can quickly generate the right prompts for AI-generated work, creating better results.
  • AI is drastically reducing the time it takes to create art, which means fewer people will be needed. However, some argue that the resulting output is no longer the artist's own work.
  • There are concerns about the limitations of AI-generated code, and the potential for snake oil salespeople promising to deliver fully functional apps without human involvement.
  • Some express hope that AI will augment workflows and automate tedious tasks rather than completely replacing developers.
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