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Debate over Windows' Tabloid News and Data Collection

Comments on Hacker News discuss the practice of Windows showing tabloid news and push notifications, with some criticizing the OS for deviating from its core purpose and others pointing out that the feature is aimed at serving Microsoft's business interests by collecting user data for targeted advertising. Users express their different experiences and preferences with various operating systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS, discussing issues like stability, hardware compatibility, and the learning curve associated with different OSs. The discussion highlights the subjective nature of choosing an operating system, with users emphasizing the importance of finding an OS that suits their needs and preferences. Commenters share their experiences with using proprietary video drivers in Windows and Linux, with some preferring Windows due to hardware support and ease of use, while others prefer Linux for its reliability and community support. Users point out that Windows update can cause issues, such as breaking the system, reducing laptop battery life, and creating bootloader woes, while Linux can be unstable due to driver and package management bugs. Users suggest different ways to fix these issues, including using different Linux distributions. The discussion centers on the compatibility of Linux with PC gaming, with some arguing that improvements have been made in recent years, while others point out gaps in game support and performance, particularly with anti-cheat measures. Users express frustration with unwanted features and advertisements on Windows and discuss different ways to customize and control their operating systems or switch to Linux or gaming consoles. The debate also revolves around the degree of compatibility of Linux with PC gaming, with differing opinions on the number of games that play well on Linux and the importance of being able to play AAA multiplayer games online. Users criticize Windows for their distracting and low-quality tabloid news, which causes frustration, and discuss ways to disable or limit the amount of trashy or misleading headlines on the widgets board. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Critics Slam Apple's Icloud Keychain for Limitations and Poor User Experience

Users criticize Apple's iCloud Keychain for poor user experience on Windows and limitations on Mac, such as being tied to Safari and difficulty finding Passwords settings. Lack of integration with Keychain and Apple's password management tools on Windows is reported, and Passkeys is seen as offering little improvement. Some users suggest that the lack of streamlined password management is part of Apple's strategy to push customers towards using its own password manager within Google Chrome. Apple may benefit from putting more weight behind a cross-platform toolkit to support services growth. Overall, the article offers a mixed assessment of Apple's password management system and its compatibility with other browsers. Users recommend alternative password managers such as Bitwarden or 1Password, which offer more robust features, including the ability to share passwords among family members. Users emphasize the importance of good password hygiene and highlight the convenience and security benefits of using a password manager. Some users suggest that Apple should release a standalone app for passwords, accessible from a toolbar icon in Safari and equipped with a full UI. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Eu Surveillance Proposal Violates Privacy, Better Solutions Needed

A proposal by a Swedish VPN provider that would force politicians in EU countries to submit to continuous 24/7 audio and video surveillance is not suitable for a democratic society and violates an individual's right to privacy. The EU should look at alternative measures to increase transparency and accountability, such as lobbying reforms and expanding access to information, instead of implementing extreme surveillance measures. The discussion includes the lack of trust in politicians and the need for more transparency in their decision-making, with suggestions ranging from personal scrutiny to implementing systems similar to code reviews. The article discusses broken government processes in terms of information processing and proposes solutions such as greater transparency, intensive monitoring of politicians, and Athenian-style ostracism by public vote. The proposal by the EU to ban end-to-end encryption and require companies to scan all content for illegal material infringes on privacy and free speech, according to critics. The concept of "Door in the face" is discussed in relation to political negotiations and the potential for extremist policy proposals to make more moderate ones seem palatable. The democratic deficit in the EU is a concern for some, with concerns raised about the autocratic nature of the European Commission and the dilution of democracy when the electorate becomes too large and diverse. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Cftc Sues Binance for Illegal Trade and Corporate Evasion

he US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has sued Binance for allowing US customers to trade digital assets without registering with the agency, and for illegal trade and corporate evasion. Binance allegedly employed a complex corporate structure named 'Tai Chi' to evade US regulatory oversight. Binance CEO denies the allegations. Commentators express skepticism about the CFTC's actions, and some criticize the firm's lack of compliance with anti-money laundering laws. The case raises questions about regulators' motives, and therefore most of the responses on Hacker News are skeptically critical of the CFTC's actions. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Employee Use of OpenAI's ChatGPT Raises Security Concerns.

Employees are using OpenAI's ChatGPT despite concerns over data security, and some businesses restrict its use while others do not. There are worries that the AI tool could become a target for exploits, and the balance between productivity and risk must be considered. Data leakage and privacy risks are concerns with using ChatGPT for corporate and sensitive information, with some suggesting the need for a private version. Smartphone bans in secure areas and the potential risks of using AI tools like ChatGPT are discussed, with the need for caution and data protection measures acknowledged. Companies are beginning to advise against employee use of generative AI services and suggest confidentiality agreements and policies to prevent data exposure. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

AI Voice Cloning Tech Raises Concerns over Misuse and Scams

I voice cloning technology is being developed with the ability to clone voices with only a few seconds of audio input. This technology has legitimate use cases such as creating audiobooks, but raises concerns around misuse for scams and impersonation. Play.ht, a start-up offering voice cloning services, has invited members of the public to try a beta version of its tech for free. Play.ht claims to have "many mitigations in place to increase the safety of this service" to prevent misuse. Users have discussed potential uses and implications of the technology, with proponents praising its potential for good and critics expressing concern about misuse. The technology may require regulation to prevent illegal use cases, including the creation of deepfake audio for nefarious purposes. However, some argue that banning all legal uses won't prevent the illegal ones and education may be key to addressing potential scams.

John Glenn's $40 Camera Revolutionized Space Photography.

John Glenn's use of a $40 camera during his orbit around the earth forced NASA to rethink the role of photography in space missions. The article discusses the innovations made to Glenn's camera by NASA, including a pistol grip and cable release mechanism. The importance of creativity and low-cost solutions in technology fields is highlighted in the comments section. Glenn's camera played a significant role in shaping the future of space exploration and setting the stage for space photography. The story emphasizes the power of storytelling and the importance of capturing and sharing memorable moments, even when they are not the primary focus of a project. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Developers Discuss Pros and Cons of Svelte Framework

Svelte is a popular web framework for building user interfaces with easy-to-use structure, fast app performance, and observed state machines, but there are potential challenges, including a learning curve with reactive statements and potential for bugs at scale. Svelte uses a compiler-based approach that could lead to further efficiencies for developers with minimal boilerplate code and easy state management, with criticisms about dealing with complex reactive dependencies. Comments compare Svelte to alternative frameworks like React and Vue, with praise for simpler developer experience and functionality while also discussing the importance of simplicity and clarity in code, reliable documentation, and tooling. Discussion centers around comparing different JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte, with tradeoffs to consider and making an informed choice is essential. Users find Svelte enjoyable to work with and it's suitable for small and large enterprise projects, with potential challenges surrounding Svelte's $ label and handling of non-local effects. The article discusses the author's experience using Svelte to build a personal RSS reader, highlighting the advantages of Svelte's component format, built-in stores, and event dispatcher API, but also mentioning lowlights such as the reactive statements ($), await blocks, and built-in transition and animation APIs. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Safari 16.4: Features and Mixed Reviews

Safari 16.4 brings new and improved features but receives mixed reviews from users, with some praising its efficiency and others criticizing its lack of advanced ad-blocking capabilities and compatibility with sites and extensions. The update includes bug fixes, support for Apple's Global Relay standard and Web Push notifications, as well as FaceTime SharePlay and Apple's ProRes codec for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Safari 16.4 adds support for the video portion of Web Codecs API, push notifications for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and iframe lazy loading, among other improvements in CSS, media queries, and Web API. The browser also introduces enhancements to its developer tools, providing more flexibility to customize content blocking extensions and offering improved privacy protection for users with Lockdown mode. While some criticize the lack of support for Fullscreen and Screen Orientation API, others are concerned about the dominance of one browser engine on iOS. Overall, Safari 16.4 delivers improved support for developers and a more secure browsing experience for users with its numerous bug fixes and polish updates. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.

Hn Users Discuss Alternatives to GitHub during Outages

Users discuss alternatives to GitHub during outages, including self-hosted options like Gerrit, Gitea, and CodeCommit. Playful comments are made about Discussion Service being a last resort check, and jokes are made about being offline to avoid getting hacked. Users suggest a traffic monitor icon on the main page to indicate when something is wrong with GitHub, and some question the effectiveness of Git's error messaging. Alternatives to a Git remote are suggested, such as working over email via diffs or setting up a backup system with separate git instances. Some speculate if the recent outages of GitHub are related to changes after Microsoft's acquisition, but others acknowledge the challenges of fast-moving development. Users cope with the risk of downtime by saving their code on hard drives, company servers, or GitLab, or using alternatives such as syncing repos over local or remote SSH or using email to communicate commits. A list of international phone numbers for subscribing to an incident management system is provided, with data rates applying and users agreeing to privacy policies and terms of service. Discuss on Discussion Service or Read Original Text.