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Apple says it'll remove iMessage and FaceTime in UK rather than break encryption

  • The article discusses the possibility of Apple discontinuing the "S" model of the iPhone and whether or not we will see another version in the future.
  • The "S" model of the iPhone refers to the incremental upgrades Apple usually makes to the previous iPhone version, focusing on improving performance and adding new features.
  • The article explores the idea that Apple may move away from the "S" model and instead release major updates and redesigns with each new iPhone version.

Industry Reactions

  • The ongoing battle between privacy and government access to communications is highlighted, with concerns about the potential loss of iMessage and FaceTime in the UK being seen as an example.
  • The role of encryption in protecting personal freedoms is emphasized, with advocates arguing that historical norms have always given individuals the right to privacy.
  • The potential implications of government access to encrypted messages on privacy and security are highlighted, urging individuals to be aware and consider the potential consequences.

FedNow Is Live

  • The Federal Reserve has launched a new system called the FedNow Service that allows banks and credit unions to instantly transfer money for their customers.
  • The FedNow Service aims to make everyday payments faster and more convenient, providing benefits for individuals and businesses.
  • Currently, 35 banks and credit unions, as well as the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service, have adopted instant payment capabilities through the FedNow Service.

Industry Reactions

  • FedNow, a new service by the Federal Reserve, has gone live, enabling real-time push payments.
  • The system is designed for person-to-person payments and operates 24/7/365 with a processing time of a few seconds.
  • The implementation of FedNow is a significant step forward for the US financial industry, potentially leading to innovative payment solutions and cost savings.

No-more-secrets: recreate the decryption effect seen in the 1992 movie Sneakers

  • The project "No More Secrets" is a command line tool that recreates the famous data decryption effect seen in the 1992 hacker movie Sneakers.
  • Users can pipe ASCII or UTF-8 text to the tool, and it will apply the Hollywood effect of initially displaying encrypted data and then revealing the original plain-text characters through a decryption sequence.
  • The project provides options for auto-decrypting, masking space characters, setting foreground colors, clearing the screen, and displaying version info. It also includes a C library for developers who want to use the effect in their own projects.

Industry Reactions

  • The tool "no-more-secrets" allows users to recreate the decryption effect from the movie Sneakers
  • The tool has gained popularity among developers and tech enthusiasts
  • There is some discussion about the movie Sneakers and other related movies and TV shows

Docuseal: Open-source DocuSign alternative

  • DocuSeal is an open-source platform for digital document signing and processing.
  • It allows users to create PDF forms that can be filled and signed online on any device.
  • The platform offers features such as PDF form field builder, multiple submitters per document, PDF eSignature verification, and users management.

Industry Reactions

  • DocuSeal is an open-source alternative to document signing solutions like DocuSign, offering features such as PDF form fields builder, multiple field types, and automated emails.
  • Users are interested in using DocuSeal for non-profit digital signatures, and some have offered to help bootstrap the project.
  • There is a discussion about the legal validity and trustworthiness of self-hosted digital signature systems compared to third-party solutions. Postgres cluster down for 3 days, no word from them about it

  • The Postgres cluster experienced a service interruption for 3 days, causing machines to become unresponsive and unable to restart or be destroyed.
  • Users reported issues with their apps and databases hosted on, with no resolution steps or ETA provided by the company.
  • Some users were able to work around the issue by scaling their apps or creating new instances, but there was a lack of communication and updates from throughout the incident.

Industry Reactions

  • experienced a three-day outage in their Postgres cluster, resulting in users being unable to access their data.
  • Users expressed frustration with's reliability and support, leading them to switch to other providers like DigitalOcean or Hetzner.
  • The outage highlights the importance of choosing a reliable and secure cloud provider with effective communication during downtime.


  • TypeChat is an experimental library that aims to integrate large language models into existing app interfaces by using type definitions to retrieve structured AI responses.
  • It allows developers to translate user requests into JSON that satisfies specific type definitions, providing a robust process for obtaining well-typed responses.
  • TypeChat is open-source and model-neutral, making it flexible for use with various chat completion-style APIs.

Industry Reactions

  • TypeChat is a library developed by Microsoft that allows developers to interact with language models and receive structured JSON responses.
  • It focuses on ensuring that the responses conform to a predefined TypeScript schema, providing type-checking and validation.
  • The library simplifies the process of working with language models and eliminates the need for manual parsing and validation of responses.

The past is not true

  • The author shares a personal story about a past accident and how it affected both their and the other driver's perspective.
  • The story highlights the importance of understanding that the past is not always an accurate reflection of reality.
  • It emphasizes the idea that memories and stories about the past are subjective and can be reinterpreted, allowing individuals to change their history.

Industry Reactions

  • The article emphasizes the malleability of our narratives and encourages revisiting and reevaluating our past experiences based on new information.
  • It highlights the importance of seeking out the actual facts and not relying solely on personal interpretations or beliefs.
  • The post encourages readers to question their own beliefs and interpretations and to be open to changing their stories based on new information.

Accidentally Load Bearing

  • Understanding the original purpose and current role of a system or component is crucial when making changes to complex computer systems.
  • Testing, documentation, and analysis are essential in mitigating the risks associated with accidentally load bearing components.
  • Good testing practices and robust QA processes, along with clear design requirements and specifications, are crucial in ensuring system functionality and accuracy over time.

Industry Reactions

  • The post emphasizes the importance of understanding the rationale behind code decisions and the need for documentation and comments to provide valuable context for future developers.
  • It highlights the significance of trust in coworkers and considering the intentions behind code before making changes.
  • Automated systems could potentially help generate documentation based on the context of code changes, preventing unintended side effects and challenges in refactoring.

IRS moves forward with a new free-file tax return system

  • The IRS is implementing a new system called free-file tax return, which allows taxpayers to file their tax returns for free through selected online platforms.
  • The new system aims to simplify the tax filing process for individuals and ensure they have access to reliable resources to complete their returns accurately.
  • Taxpayers need to be aware of the eligibility criteria and choose the right online platform to take advantage of the free-file tax return system.

Industry Reactions

  • The IRS is implementing a new free-file tax return system despite lobbying efforts by tax preparation companies like Intuit and H&R Block.
  • Some commentators believe that an IRS direct filing system could save taxpayers money and simplify the tax filing process.
  • Suggestions for tax reform include pre-filled forms and reducing complexity in the tax code.

Anytype – local-first, P2P Notion alternative

  • "Anytype" is a new software that works like a popular app called Notion.
  • It is special because it is a local-first and P2P alternative to Notion.
  • It allows users to store and organize their information offline on their own devices while also collaborating with others.

Industry Reactions

  • Anytype is a local-first, P2P alternative to Notion, offering similar features but with some improvements.
  • Discussions revolve around the challenges of sharing and collaboration in Anytype compared to other similar apps like Google Docs.
  • The debate focuses on the definition of "open-source" and whether Anytype's license qualifies, highlighting the importance of clear definitions and terminology in the open source community.